IG to Angela

There’s over 7.5 billion people on this planet… at least according to google.

And out of that 7.5 billion? I thought about this girl.

Recently I’ve been thinking about my relationships in life and the people who have impacted mine.

We don’t have much in common… other than pharmacy. But friendships don’t have to be about that.

So what is it about?

Supporting each other unconditionally with our goals and whatever tough times were struggling through. She accepts me for all my weird quirks and all. We’re there for each other no matter what.

It so happens to be her birthday too. So of course, I would drive down to OC for a ballin ass steak dinner to celebrate your birthday.

Today I’m grateful for you Angela. Thanks for being a true homie all these years. And enduring all those “I want to fuck you in the ass” YouTube comments.

Love you.


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