What am I so afraid of…?

Today will be the best day ever.

Honestly I had a pretty rough morning. My body is beat. I’m going through a cold right now. So I tried waking up and took a cold shower.

I’m at Document Coffee right now. Sipping on a cold brew.


Because I want more from my life. I don’t want to settle. I want to great things in life. Wow. No lie sounding like Donald Trump for a bit.

To me, it’s more than having “great” things. I think creation of great things means so much more. Whether it’s a cool video, song, or post. It doesn’t matter.

And in that aspect that’s what I realize what art is truly about. Connecting people together. That’s the real value.

In some sort of way getting up in the morning is a way I tell myself never to give up. Never lose hope. Even when you feel like complete ass, don’t stop the momentum for your dreams.

Because I think the total opposite situation. The days where I would just wait… to die.

Days where I had no idea where my life was going. I would watch TV everyday and lose momentum. Days where I felt like no one cared what I was doing. Shit. Days when I didn’t care about what I was doing.

And sometimes I ask myself that same question. What am I doing with my life?

I’m inspire and coach people. I’m the life long student, who might not be “extrodinary” at anyone thing, but who is a boss at putting things together. I love learning… especially about people and the experiences.

And through YouTube I connect with people. With Instagram, I share my mini stories even though I know it won’t go “viral”. Did I say know? I mean expect. Affiliate marketing keeps me humble by reminding me that I know nothing and never to assume anything. Through jiujitsu and martial arts, I learn persepctive. Knowing that getting your face punched in or choked out is far much worse than any YouTube comment. Meeting people up one on one has shown me compassion for people. Vulnerability in people.

When I think about the “best” decisions in my life?

One of them was experiencing that “cult”. Because it made me more aware and open as a person. I haven’t changed at all. And I hope to get closer and closer to accepting it.

Another was starting the morning pages because not only has it taught me “flow”, but it’s also helped me create more relatable content… and become more efficent at it.

Another was realizing that I just fucking suck sometimes… especially with my production value. As I improve my production value with YouTube, it makes me think about RH. How can I grow it? How can I make it better?

And what’s the one thing that has connected me to everything?


A lot of people say that having too many things distracts you. I definitely don’t have ADD, but I just love a lot of things in life.

Have you ever felt like bored with just focusing on one thing? When bored, you might as well be dead. No lie.

I think that’s the beauty of the ADD mind. You get to focus on so many different things. But you can’t get any of them, if you’re not focused when you’re doing it.

And I think that’s why people like Noah Kagan and Mark Zuckerberg were so focused on one goal. When you’re focused on one thing, you’re completely present. God. My hippie ass radar went through the roof.


Maybe that’s why my YouTube isn’t growing. It’s because I’m focusing on what I want to do. Personal growth and development. But I need to be different. Through the eyes of pharmacy. It’s so under represented.

We’re under utilized. Just like zdoggmd, does it in an entertaining way, I need to do the same. The home videos are cool, but I need to give it like a talk show vibe. Not like super fake, but something comedic. To feel like I’m actually fucking alive.

+Jhene Aiko and Drake

One of my favorite songs ever is From Time.

A lot of the time we think about the relationships with other people, but I started listening it through the eyes of myself.

“What are you? What are you so afraid of? Darling you. You give, but you can not take love.”

And to be honest, I don’t know what I’m so afraid of. Fear of fucking up. Fear of being a failure. Fear of disappointment.

And maybe that’s why I always give, but never feel comfortable taking from people. Is it that I’m self sufficient… or is it that I don’t want to be rejected? Because one of the highs and lows from my life is disappointment from my dad. One second I could be a total boss and have approval. But to lose it sucks.

And I realized. I try to love other people… but I never show myself love and appreciate my hard work.

I tell myself one day… I will love myself. But why not now?



What are some major pharmacy problems?

Written on 9/14/17.

Today will be the best day ever.

Recently I’ve been so irritable at the pharmacy… and I don’t know why. Typically I love people, but there’s something at the pharmacy which has been bothering me.

Apart of me doesn’t want to help people like I used to. Another part of me is just so burnt out and I constantly tell myself that I have too much to do.

My patients feel like distractions… rather than friends. I feel so overwhelmed at the pharmacy… and there’s no end in sight. It’s the complete opposite of the tech world… where innovation is rampant.

The reason why I do well with RH and other people say I’m power is because I’m passionate. I don’t let people tell me no. I don’t let things that are “hard” get in the way. I always seek a solution.

But with pharmacy, it’s complete opposite. It’s a where “no” or just deal with it instead of innovation runs rampant. It’s where corporations just try to trap people. It’s where I have to constantly deal with uneducated dumbasses.

When I say dumbasses LITERALLY these people don’t know left from right. SMH. And when they ask you something and you tell them, they don’t listen. Only in Hollywood right?

…also I don’t like the way the person it turns me into. It’s not healthy for my psyche and I wonder how other pharmacists put up with this shit for so long. I already started looking for part time positions so I don’t have to deal with people anymore.

So annoying.

The other day I was looking at “retail burnout”. Retail burnout is exactly what I go through everyday. It’s so frustrating man. I just need to really get going with affiliate marketing.

Recently other things that have been popping through my head is the whole credit report data breach with Experian. Honestly it’s really helped me figure out ways to protect my credit especially just thawing my credit line. To be honest I have all the “credit cards” and loans that I need.

Plus it’ll help me curb spending if I need it LOL.

But it’s also helped me really help try to plan viral content. Tonight I will shoot a video about this topic. Thank god for Philip DeFranco.

I just take the remix strategy and 10x it.

Like parts he missed in the video…

  1. LifeLock or freeze your credit (Loans which affect students the most) and unthaw it as needed
  2. Grab your credit report ASAP
  3. See if your info was leaked

Also recently I’ve been horny as fuck. I just want to fuck all the time and I’ve been watching porn. Sometimes I wonder if this is healthy lol.

Also apart of me really appreciated Dr. ZDoggMD’s videos. It provides a cool alternative and he provides interesting commentary about the health care system. Perhaps I can also provide interesting insight on pharmacist problems and what not.

What are some major problems in the pharmacy world?

  1. Lack of transparency of what we do (People treat it like DMV)
  2. Not enough backing or support with current systems
    1. Who the fuck uses fax?
    2. If we’re so important then why do we get placed on hold and never get a call back?
  3. Not enough support from our current environment
    1. We have so much to do already
    2. It has to do more than everything is important
    3. If we truly care we need need to take away the clerical work from pharmacists
  4. Insurance
    1. Why the hell isn’t there a barcode system by now?
    2. Why the hell do you give patients multiple cards
    3. Change in formulary
  5. Help for older pharmacists
    1. Newer pharmacists are vastly different from older ones
    2. We’re not dispensing anymore. If we focus on this we’re going to get replaced by terminators and gun dams
  6. More recognition for techs
  7. Too expansive roles… cop, cashier, bathroom keeper… SERIOUSLY WTF etc

I’m also sick as fuck today LOL. Man. Seriously really dying. Not sure why but I’ve just been having slight colds this year and what not. Could be the lack of sleep. Or lack of exercise. Or just the really shitty food.

Today I’m also so thankful for my Victor, my tech. Honestly I thought I would lose him. But the universe took my side today and the stars are aligning. It really teaches me to be thankful for others that help drive my dreams.

Also today will mark me setting up my landing pages. Palabra foo!

Why I’m single

If you are currently in a committed relationship, how do you show up to have it be exactly as it is? How do you perceive your partner? What unconscious expectations/assumptions have each of you brought to this relationship to have it be as it is? How would you like to see it evolve? Who would you need to be in order to accomplish this? (If you are not currently in a committed relationship please answer from that place: How are you being, such that your relationship life is exactly as it is?) Minimum 2 pages

One of the reasons why I’m currently single because I show up noncommittal. One of the hardest things that I had to do was actually reach out for feedback for my relationships. My female friends that have friend zoned me have told me everything from… giving off a player vibe, to not wanting to be in a relationship, and to being “too much” work.

I asked my friend about why exactly was “too much” work.

And that non-committal aspect… people just don’t want to change that. They sense the fear in me as well. It’s a lot of work for them and I don’t know if anyone wants to really deal with that.

Right now I sense this fear. And it happens.

How it shows up in my life is when…

-People are like “You should date _____”

-There’s a cute girl in the club. I want to talk to her, but I’m paralyzed and scared shitless.

-Asking a girl on a “date”. I get overwhelmed with all the details and mechanisms of the date even though I know it doesn’t even matter

-Truly expressing myself in a unconditional manner when it comes to initiate relationships

I never really admitted that I had a problem with this but I 100% do have an intense fear that is debilitating to my life. This fear of wanting to connect or rejection, paralyzes me everything single fucking time.

I thought after Breakthrough that I would be okay in this aspect in my life. But even one girl that I was attracted to, I couldn’t even ask her on a date. I get so intimated by “beautiful” girls and instantly think that I’m not on their level. That I’m not worthy.

And I honestly have treated myself like that my whole life. That I’m not worthy of love. That I’m this lonely ronin warrior who has to carry the world on my shoulders… because people don’t love me. Or that I’m incapable of love.

And this is 100% true. Right now, I’m incapable of love because I won’t let myself BE loved. And I also don’t love myself.

Nelyn recently asked me if I was happy with myself. And honestly I was like… “Honestly no. And it’s the reason why I can’t have an unconditional relationship. If I can’t show myself unconditional love, then how can I love someone else unconditionally?”

If I were to evolve, how I envision myself is to be able to express myself unconditionally. And show myself unconditional love in the process. That way if someone didn’t feel the same way or “rejected” how I felt, then I could internally and emotionally view it as “only good things happen”. This would change a lot. It would change my businesses and allow me to leave my job because I’m not always trying to be so damn “perfect” all the time. I can deviate from my standards of perfection… without fear. If I asked someone and went on a date, I could be in that moment instead of repeating what’s in my head and focus on them. If I’m in a club, I can just go up to someone and just state how I’m feeling. I would feel free for once.

If I were to accomplish this I would need to allow myself to deviate from the standards of perfection. In order to do that I would need to show myself unconditional love.

What would it be like to quit my pharmacy job…?

Today will be the best day ever. Why?

Today I thought what it would be like to actually quit my job. If I were to lose my job tomorrow, then what would I do?

I feel like all those self help and entrepreneur books are starting to meld together. I think about all the support I’ve had for the last few years. Joe, Rich, Can, and all the other people that have come into my life.

I took a look at my book case and my digital products. I have everything setup. I could do podcasts or whatever I wanted to do.

I have all the resources and have prepared for almost every scenario… except my emergency account, which I have about 10+K and a shit load more if I move it into cash.

The stars are aligning. Everything is aligning.

And when Victor, my technician… my brother… my family member got transfered without even telling me… It made it that more clear for me.

Even my stable job isn’t really that stable. Why am I putting all this work into a company, who clearly doesn’t care about me? Why am I devoting my energy into something that doesn’t look out for me or support my dreams?

And it reminds me about my relationship with my dad. I used to put every single thing into that relationship. But no matter what I did, it didn’t matter what I tried. My dad simply wasn’t ready to have that father son relationship. But I tried anyways… just to people please him.

And this is where I need to shift. To take that same “never say die”… that tenacity to let myself grow and be vulnerable.

If there’s one thing that I’m taking is Malan’s video today… “Only good things happen”. Victor leaving my pharmacy was a good thing. My dad treating me like ass was a good thing. Having such failure in my life was a good thing.


It’s getting me to where I’m supposed to be. Where I want to be.

And so instead of working out of despiration today, I need to work from inspiration. Because I have the tenacity. I proved it all my life. 29 years later I finally connceted and bonded with my dad. And not that bullshit connection.

What else have I learned from this entrepreneur journey?

I learned that if you don’t schedule, organize, and plan you’re doomed for failure. There’s a reason why Navy SEALs always plan. Things don’t happen by accident. You do things with intent and purpose.

Not to say everything needs to be scripted… why? Becasue honestly you don’t know if tomorrow will be there for you. There’s always things that go wrong with every plan and there’s a certain beauty for spontaneous events.

There’s a lot of good happening in my life right now. I feel motivated and grounded. I stated my intention for RH. My channel is growing and production value is getting better. I will be growing my affiliate marketing shit because my affiliate manager responded.

Today is going to be a boss day.

And here is the start of my resignation letter.

Right now…

Hey Michael,

It’s been an amazing few years working for Ralphs. I want to say that I did a lot of growing while I was here.

Some of my most memorable accomplishments…
-Winning Drive for 5
-Building a loving, strong, and supporting team
-Growing 300 to 500 scripts a day
-Appointment based modeling pilot store

It was because of great coaches and mentors like you that allowed me to achieve these accomplishments.

I still remember that first time I wanted to be a Patient Care Coordinator and Pharmacy Coordinator. You said I needed the nuts and bolts, but I had the passion.

Not going to lie… but I was extremelty dissapointed in myself. But in a way, it was a blessing that I didn’t get that position.

Someone once told me in a YouTube video, only good things happen. And that moment forced me to really assess and evaluate myself. I worked harder than ever before.

And honestly for a few years now, I’ve been curious about seeing my full potential as an entrepreneur can be. I’m still young. I still can take risks.

And so today I will be officially submitting my resignation from Ralphs.

Thank you for supporting me along this way. And I hope that you will continue to support me on this journey.

I am open to helping you with anyway I can do to support this transition.

Thank you,

Kevin Yee

And as I’m writing this letter…

I feel cathartic. I feel like I should just quit now… what’s the big deal?

I can fall onto my family for help. I can fall onto my friends for help. Shit. I can fall onto myself for help.

What are all the ways that I can still make money?
-Move to a cheaper location
-Help pay down a house
-Move back home
-Pharmacy temp jobs
-Affiliate marketing
-Launch a quick RH product (Create morning ritual $49)
-Flip costco items
-Take out a loan
-YouTube brand deals
-Go part time with Ralphs

My first love

Describe in detail your first love. How old were you? What was it that drew you to that relationship? In what ways did it enrich you? In what ways was it painful? How did it end? What beliefs about yourself, other people, love, and life did you learn from that experience?

Hmm. So that’s a really good question.

There was my first girlfriend, who I thought I loved. And then the girl that changed me forever who I really loved.

My first “real” love was when I was in Hong Kong and was about 20 years old.

Prior to this I dated a few girls, but they were girls who had a lot of problems in their lives too. My first girlfriend cheated on me. Another girl I dated just didn’t have a future. And one day everything hit me. Why am I dating these shady ass girls?

So I read The Game and was immersed in the PUA world. What better way to use all those skills than in Hong Kong when I was traveling abroad?

When I first walked into the office, I wasn’t even attracted to her like that. Yes I thought she was pretty, but I was more into her other office partner. It’s pretty funny. I always fall for looks.

But me being me, I’m always down to meet new people and connect. It’s one of the things that I really enjoy. And so we went clubbing “because I love clubbing”.

And instantly we have connection. I don’t know. Maybe it was the ratchet ass music. Or maybe it was because I felt so connected and knew she was a catch. Deep down inside I knew this was a girl that was good for me and I would be good for her too.

So yes. A bit of it was the sex appeal. She was pretty, but honestly I think it was just that we had fun together. And we felt so aligned with so many things. And I felt like what drew me in was that she genuine liked me for me.

…and finally I felt accepted in my life for once.

In what ways did it enrich you?

I finally felt accepted. Previous girls treated me like shit. My dad also made me feel like I was never good enough for anyone. If my own family couldn’t even love me… then why would some random girl?

So when Xee and I started dating, it felt magical. The sex was amazing too. Most connected sex I ever felt at the time.

But for once, it made me feel like I had self worth. That my life was finally coming together. I finally had confidence in my life.

At that point in my life, I told myself nothing could scare me. That I had no fear. I could jump into dance battles or talk to anyone. No fucks given.

My cup was full. I had someone who unconditionally loved me who wasn’t my mom. Someone who found me that I was sexually desired. Who supported me no matter what. Someone who told me she loved me every night before I went to sleep.

Back when I was a teenager, I would go to sleep wanting to die. I would ask myself… Would anyone care if I were to die tomorrow? 

…and when I was with Xee, I could finally say yes.

Our relationship was really magical. We never got into fights and we always had fun where ever we went. Things were spontaneous. And would have the deepest conversations. Plus she was hot. She even got her tongue pierced for me. PALABRAAA.

But more than that, I could tell we would do a lot of the good for the world. She was so sweet. And brought that sweet and kind nature in me. I remember she got me into hamsters.

I know so stupid right? It’s a kids pet. But honestly her compassion for these little cute guys inspired me. She could show that same love for my family and our children hopefully.

For once, I could see a future and had hope with my love life.

In what ways was it painful? How did it end?

It was so painful when she sent back a breakup USB letter to me.

It was tough during that time. I still remember getting into pharmacy school and having no one to share it with. I was so heartbroken.

At the time, Xee tried visiting me in Boston, but she got denied. Why? She had a pilo pilo passport. Fuck.

She lost hope. She was already having trouble dealing and coping with a long distance relationship. She would drink every night and smoke up. She would literally cry everyday.

And if I were to tell myself the responsible role I played in this… I didn’t support her and ignored all her signs for help. Instead I was so focused on my drive and my hustle. My cup was so full of love that I felt everything was gucci.

But honestly all relationships take work. And I fucked up. Hard. She just didn’t want to try anymore.

So when she broke up me via USB, my whole world shattered.

It basically reminded me of all those other girls that hurt me. My dad reinforcing that I don’t mean shit. She couldn’t or didn’t feel comfortable to tell me over the phone. And when she tried? I just brushed it off.

I stopped eating for awhile. I felt numb. All those feelings of that the world was right and that I had a future… gone. Still to this day, I don’t think I’ve ever been the same. 

I had such scarcity in my life before Xee and I just felt everything was just an illusion. Maybe I’m just not worth it. For love.

…and what broke my heart? She started seeing someone new. I felt replaced. Disposable.

As I write this my heart still drops. I still feel so much sorrow from this moment… even though I know I’m 1000% responsible. When I look back, I was doing everything that I thought was best.

…but in this case, my best wasn’t enough.

No matter how badly I wanted her back in my life, it didn’t matter. You can’t have a relationship by yourself. And I felt like I was… alone again.

When I asked myself that same question in my bed… Would anyone care if I died tomorrow? I felt like I was alone.

That’s what happens when you don’t truly love yourself from the beginning. Once you lose that person or if you have external love, you’re so dependent on it. It’s just a drug.

I was never the same after this moment.

What beliefs about yourself, other people, love, and life did you learn from that experience?

I learned through that experience that nothing is for certain in life. You never know when people might leave. And through choice, I learned that I wasn’t a whole person.

And maybe that’s why I could never have an unconditional relationship. That scarcity in my heart was always seeking acceptance and love. But I couldn’t just love for the sake of love.

…From this moment, I also learned that I need help. Serious help. I can’t avoid this for the rest of my life. She’s moved on. The other people in my life have moved on. But I haven’t.



Where I learned about relationships

Where did I learn about intimate relationships? What beliefs did you form about what works, what doesn’t work, and how to navigate partnership.

Honestly this is a great question.

I look at the closest relationship around me. My mom and dad. And I always saw them fighting. Every single time, my dad would yell at my mom. She always complained that she felt trapped and couldn’t voice anything… for fear that she would get yelled at.

To be honest I can’t think of any intimate relationships growing up that were “successful”. I mean I understand most relationships, there’s going to be problems along the way, but when I think about it most of the problems occurred because felt like their relationship turned conditional in some sort of way.

Maybe that they were scared to voice an opinion for fear of getting left behind or what not.

I think my uncle who never found a relationship. He suffered from the same fate that my dad AKA his brother did. They could never truly communicate the intent or how they truly felt about things.

And I actually fell into the same state. With some of my relationships, my partner wouldn’t understand the intent behind my actions. I created that.

When I think about where I learned everything I did from relationships, I learned about it through my family. I learned it though reading pickup artist books like The Game. I learned through friends. Oh one more thing. Who can forget Google and AskMen.com LOL. I learned through personal experience too.

As I’m writing this out, I’m realizing the reason why I probably never could have a healthy relationship was because I never had a role model or a strategy behind a relationship. I’ve just been drifting this whole time. Fuck.

As for beliefs about what works…

When I look at what worked were those moments where I gave unconditionally. Where I said I love you, but didn’t hesitate about how they felt because I was in the moment. Those moments where I just wanted to make them happy. One of the memories that sticks out to me is grabbing boba for my ex randomly and surprising her at school when she was studying. Or doing a scavenger hunt for our one year anniversary.

Another thing that’s worked was those spontaneous moments of passion. Whether it was public sex or just going on adventure that’s when we felt most alive.

What didn’t work?

When I think about what didn’t work… it was those moments where I kept things inside and I didn’t communicate how I truly felt. Moments where I should have voiced when I was unhappy or if something bothered me.

In the end, it was probably why our relationship ended. Girls totally have a sixth sense if something is wrong or is bothering them and they couldn’t sense that I wasn’t being vulnerable with them.

And I should of asked if there was anything bothering them as well and asked for feed back. It’s not only for problems, but even sex.

I think even now. The reason why I can’t even get into an intimate relationship is because I’m so god damn scared of judgement. How other people look at me and what they think.

It happened with the last girl I dated. It happens when I see a beautiful girl at the club I want to talk to. But I just get so scared about doing the “right” thing.

Logically I know there is no right thing. But I sense fear about getting hurt. Just like with my first ex girlfriend. When everyone was like… don’t do it Kevin. I chose not to listen to other people’s opinions and I got burned. Bad. She cheated on me.

And that leads me to another thing. Maybe I needed to ask for feedback with that as well. What needs didn’t I fulfill when we were dating?

How to navigate a relationship…?

Honestly I’ve always told myself just to go with the flow. See what happens, but look where that’s taken me LOL.

As I’m reflecting on my relationship something that pops up for me is focusing so much on the mechanisms of a relationship… like an Asian dad.

Things like…

  • Calling the girlfriend
  • Paying for meals
  • Picking up the girlfriend
  • Etc…

And as I’m listing it out, maybe that’s why they aren’t attracted to me. Because I’m more like their dad than a sexy alpha male.

Instead we should of focused more on the foundations of a relationship.

And maybe that’s why I’m coming to this class. To finally discover the foundation of a healthy relationship.

Kevin Yee


Building the foundation again

Today is going to be the best day ever.

Today I realized one of the most important things to me are my videos. Not do I only get satisfaction from them, but it feels rewarding to consistently get better at them.

The other day I was like… man my production quality sucks. Everyone is telling me this. And secretly I know this as well.

So like any “logical” person would ask… what are you going to do about it?

And that leads me to think. We always have a choice. There’s always the option of putting in more work to learn a skill. Doing nothing is a choice in itself. But sometimes we forget about the the option of outsourcing via assistant or technology.

There’s so many tools these days that can help us boost productivity or get past the “hump”.

Willpower is a hard thing. We only have so much. There’s a reason why early risers are probably one of the most successful people. It’s because it’s distraction free and that our willpower is strongest in that moment.

I’ve had those moments where I’ve literally drove to the gym at night and didn’t want to workout and drove home instead. That NEVER happens during the morning.

Then there’s the question of “there’s so much to do” that you get overwhelmed with everything that you need to do.

For me, there’s always a lot of projects that I choose to initiate. My book, coaching, Refugee Hustle blog, Refugee Hustle course, and the YouTube channels. Oh did I forget? Affiliate marketing as well.

There’s always just so much to balance. And even scheduling things out can be a pain in the ass. As I’m typing this I’m getting this new idea to just look at different tools for scheduling for entrepreneurs.

And that is sending me down another rabbit hole LOL. The importance of focus and being in the moment. When you work, focus on work. Don’t focus on bullshit or listen to podcasts or watch videos. Just enjoy that moment.

I feel like my life gets a lot easier when it’s distraction free. And maybe that’s why I get frustruated with pharmacy so often. It’s because there’s so many damn distractions. I get stressed out… all for what?

The other day I was in my pharmacy and I was telling my technician… “why are we working so hard for?”. Do we get the fruits of our labor? Last year I hustled hard AF and I literally only got a 2K bonus. Was it worth it?

And that’s the thing I need to ask myself more and more. Are things worth it?

I notice myself getting distracted with so much. What is going to get me the biggest win?

It’s so funny. A lot of the time I get so caught up with productivity so I can spend time with other people. But right now I’m so busy that it stresses me out to plan shit with other people. Isn’t that a bitch LOL

I think every morning it’s important for me to stay focused on the tasks at hand. This weekend kinda fucked me up because I went back to Boston and didn’t get as much time to do what I wanted.

Speaking about doing what I wanted… I want to do a new series inspired by Malan about cool stuff that I’ve found throughout the week.

In a sort of sense it would be very similar to these morning pages. Where I just share certain stories or certain moments and redirect traffic.

Things like…

I hate Tai Lopez
I met up with a friend
I asked an ex for feedback and this is what happened

I don’t know. Maybe it can help me better gauge what would be good blog topics.

As for other things I need to do…
-Plan for Hawaii
-Schedule out mudda bonding time with friends
-Update my work schedule
-Plan and schedule my video content
-Revive old content that is not profitable
-Work on my product more
-Setup my affiliate marketing trackers
-Actually fucking launch a campaign
-Go on an “artists date” with myself
-Go to jiujitsu
-Recycle my cardboard boxes and paper goods
-Do my laundry
-Wash my shower
-Ask Jason about Angela and Brian
-Redo my key
-Start a notebook for my book
-Post up 2 blogs for the next two weeks
-Schedule 14 vlogs for the next two weeks
-Setup my final coaching calls with Kyessa and Sandy and decide how I want to structure my coaching business
-Edit my video titles and thumbnails for the scheduled content
-Call Marro, Serro, Spencer, Jackie, Nessa, and Delia. Do what scares me the most
-Create musical “bars” and finish my reproduction of Kid Ink
-Look up the art of finishing things
-Look up an automatic scheduling app
-Clean my apartment
-Clean my car
-Clean my MBP
-Continue Charles Ngo’s course and not stay stagnant on it lol

Wow. What I realized that was probably one of the most productive things. I feel so much lighter with all the burden lifted.

Also I’m pretty proud of myself for buying a Lovesac at Costco. Great buy and it makes me want to flip different lovesacs online as well.

Anyways 20 minutes is over. Time to get cracking with work.