How Giving Up Meat For A Week Improved My Productivity

Kevin here.

Have you ever seen a traditional Chinese family go vegan before?

My whole life we’ve been straight up carnivores. But after spending a whole week on a cruise with my family, I decided to go vegan.

It could of been the fact I was eating 5 appetizers every night with dessert. Or eating reused steak 24/7 on the cruise. Or maybe it was because of the food poisoning LOL.

But here’s the thing.

I’m pretty active and I’m on keto diet. And in the powerlifting/bodybuilding world, there’s this thought that we’re just going to shrivel up and die not eating meat.

So I challenged myself by going vegan for a week. Here’s what I learned.

1. Do what’s easiest for you

What’s the hardest thing about dieting for 99% for most people?

Eating shitty tasting meals that take forever to prepare.

So back when I did my article with “In N Out Keto diets”, the reason why it worked so well was the simplicity of the diet.

Honestly I hate cooking. It takes time. And who wants to spend 1-2 hours cooking after a 12 hour pharmacy shift? Fuck that.

So I started looking online. And you gotta love YouTube. I found this vegan concoction that resembled cereal. Perfect.

Chia seed, almond milk, hemp shell, coconut oil, berry, and peanut butter combo. Looks nasty, but it’s bomb as fuck.

The best part?

It requires the same effort as cereal. Easy AF. Throw a vegan protein shake and some veggies and we gucci. It fits my macros perfectly. Did I mention it’s cheap as fuck too?

What I learned about this is that it’s important to be real with yourself.

How many times have we told ourselves “IMMA SPEND EVERY SUNDAY MEAL PREPPING” only to find ourselves waiting at McDonald’s drive through?

Figure out a realistic solution instead.

(…by the way if you eat this, prepare your butthole. You will be regular.)

2. It’s not forever.

A lot of people go wrong thinking that “I HAVE TO DO THIS FOREVER… FUCKKKKK”.

That’s like marrying your first girlfriend.

One of the things that really helped me out when I first started keto was giving myself a set date so you can test it out.

Another mistake people make is not being specific enough.

Ever here this before? “I want to lose weight by this summer.

That’s great. But when is “this summer” specifically? One of the things I like doing is choosing an exact date.

You can circle it on a calendar.  You can see the clock ticking. Shit gets REAL.

When you’re in those moments of self doubt, just remember pain is temporary. It isn’t forever… unless you make that choice.

In most situations, you can always go back to your old habits.

3. Get in the habit of breaking habits

Let’s take marriage as an example.

Monday through Friday you go to work. Maybe every night you come home and Netflix with the boo. To be “adventurous” on Fridays you go out to Korean BBQ with the boo. Maybe once in a blue moon, you have sex… but it’s the same old doggystyle/missionary.

As you fall into autopilot, maybe doubt sets in.

Fuck. Is this what my life is going to look like for the rest of my life?”

There’s nothing wrong with that. But I noticed that an unhappy relationship is a predictable one.

Maybe that’s why we like surprises. Us humans need a sense of adventure or new stimulus.

And for me that’s what going vegan was like. For most of my life I’ve always eaten meat. But what is it like on the other side?

So maybe going vegan isn’t like “skydiving”. But for me it’s something new and something that I probably wouldn’t normally do.

But I think that’s the mudda beauty.

It teaches us to build the habit to seek out new adventures and makes life more interesting.

Doing unfamiliar things is good for us.

It teaches us to think outside the box and to see life from other people’s perspective.

And face it. We don’t get better doing the same shit. You get better by doing uncomfortable things.

Think about it.

  • Getting ripped doesn’t happen by eating chips (I wish). It comes with working out and being mindful of food selection.
  • Being rich doesn’t happen by dreaming. It comes from moving your money in bank account to an investment vehicle.
  • Your next relationship doesn’t happen by watching PornHub in your bedroom. It comes with dating and rejection.

So let me challenge you. Go vegan for a week and hit your macros. Let me know it goes in the comments below.

If you’re dreading this challenge, just remember my favorite quote from Rush Hour.


Kevin Yee


Today will be the best day ever.

Honestly I haven’t shown myself enough love. Through my shitty mood these last few weeks, I’ve done so much. And honestly it’s a common theme… where I don’t give myself enough credit.

So today I’m not going to beat myself up about “what I could have done” or “what my results were”.

Because in any healthy relationship it’s always important to recognize the success of what’s going right. Or what’s healthy in a relationship.

So here we go.

YouTube – In this area of my life I feel like I’m winning. Not content wise (been catching mad L’s), but more focusing on my marketing, content creation, and sharpening the tools before jumping back in. For some reason though I feel a bit of resistance toward creating actual videos. Maybe because it’s been so long since I’ve done a video where I just talk in front of the camera.

Affiliate marketing – I understand the concepts, but still struggle with the trackers. I have yet to launch a campaign despite so much time. Maybe I should just launch one ASAP. The longer I wait the more it kills me. Action cures all fear. But one thing I have been doing is getting my aunt involved. This is definitely her line of work.

Book – Honestly I haven’t worked on this at all. Maybe because I’ve been “busy” or haven’t prioritized this enough. But I have a rough outline of all my chapters. So that’s a start. Just need to do the daily thing.

Product – It’s really cool that I’m actually making progress in this area. My script is slowly getting done. Did I say slow? Fuck it. It’s moving quick as fuck. When I focus, I can bang out chapters. Now I just need to make it fun. Also it would be pretty dope if I could just carry Ramit’s book around for guidance.

Instagram – Basically it’s been inactive. I have a huge archive of photos that I want to do captions for. Why not just prep ahead and just write stuff out for everything?

Coaching – I lost/fired George as a client recently. It sucks. But I chose to respect both his and my time. It just wasn’t in our best interest anymore. And it might be the same with Sandy as well. She’s doing better with coping with her mom. I’ve been helping support her getting a job too. Maybe she doesn’t need coaching. Even with Kyessa, she might not need coaching anymore as well. Even though I’m ride or die, it feels good helping support someone. Now do I want this to be a business?

Refugee Hustle – I honestly haven’t been working the marketing out for this one man. No newsletter. No articles. Why? I’m not focusing enough and prioritizing enough time to this grind. This isn’t going to grow. On the other hand the morning pages are making it easier for me to write and when I upload videos I can send more traffic to my YouTube and vice versa. I have a good feeling about Refugee Hustle… I just need better communication through the emailing list and go through and weed out the ones that don’t matter.

Gym/fitness/health – Oh boy. I’m back up to 190 lbs now. I don’t know if it’s strength gains or what. Most likely not. I’ve been letting myself slide with a few desserts here and there. But on a positive note, I’m getting better at jiujitsu. I’m developing a game plan and thinking about competing soon. With powerlifting, I’ve started to decrease my lifts so I can work on the 5×5 and getting those reps in. Even though I’m tired and I feel like my CNS is burning out, maybe it’s good to lay back on the intensity.

Sleep This is an area I’m pretty proud of. I’ve been sleep “hacking” through supplements and doing the sleep alarm thing. I’ve been prioritizing this over everything. When I don’t get enough sleep, I feel like ass and my focus goes to shit.

Within the last few days, I was beating myself up because of the lack of progress I was making. But now as I’m writing and doing these morning pages, I’m a lot more successful than I think I am.

There will never be a “perfect” day. But as Charles Ngo said a few days ago… Done is better than none. Done is better than perfect.

TBH I don’t know what the hell he said LOL.

Kevin Yee



As I’m sitting in my car I’m thinking about how I totally just fucked up lol.
I didn’t check my schedule for jiujitsu at all. Finally after all this time I finally have some room for myself to breathe.
No lie these weeks have been tough. I feel like didn’t have enough time for myself. When that happened I found myself withdrawing from my friends and family.
An important need that I need to continue is to plan my week. In fact that’s what I should do today.
Jujitsu in my life is pretty important. It teaches me so much about grinding and finding the easiest path in life. Not even Kung Fu has really taught me this.
Plus it feels good to know that you can beat up the everyday person 😂
As I’m typing this I’m thinking about all the cool things I want to do this year. Do I truly believe in myself though?
Today marks the day where I choose to be happy. It’s not about what’s happening or what I have. Happiness comes from within.
If people could find happiness during the halocaust then I definitely can find happiness in my situation.
I’m very lucky. I don’t have any significant health issues. I’m hard working. I have people that love me. I do powerful things with my vulnerability.
So why am I not finding success?
Focus. I don’t focus enough and I have to many tasks at hand. Instead I just need to focus, meditate, and only focus on a task at a time.
Is it true that I don’t have enough time in the day? Or is it that I’m not utilizing my time efficiently enough?
There’s a lot of things that I can do optimizing my time. When I’m jerking off focus on jerking off. Don’t worry about the time.
I should allocate time to prepare my schedule every night so I don’t ever feel like I’m in limbo. I should prep and batch my Instagram posts together. As well.
For YouTube videos along with an outline I should have the titles and thumbnails RTG.
Maybe I should batch my meetings together as well. Batching. So damn important in life.
As I’m dieting I’m also hungry AF man. I need to focus as well. I feel like I’m losing my focus especially late at night. But it’s okay maybe it’s time to give myself a break from all the hustling and bustle. Nothing wrong with just kicking back.

Don’t trust “thoughts”

This will be the best day ever.

Today I should be pretty exhausted but I’m not. The main thing today? Focus. I’m focused eating. I’m focused at the pharmacy and not letting distractions get in the way.

There was something really cool about last night. I was watching Charles Ngo’s video about 3 things that he learned from Mark Zuckerberg. One of the things? Extreme focus.

Another thing I learned about Mark and what he made me think about was inspiring and empowering others to find their purpose in life. That’s what I’m good at.

Right now I tell myself that I’m going through a rough time in my life. Partially it is true. With my YouTube, Instagram, and affiliate marketing I feel like I’m not getting anywhere. I keep getting lost or making no progress. What do I need most?

Just time with myself to allow myself to explore and organize my thoughts and my schedule. For the last two weeks its been back to back, non-stop. When was the last time I let myself breathe and just create?

I can’t remember.

And perhaps maybe that’s why an artist date is so important as well. As I’m letting myself ramble, I must of mediated for about an 1.5 hours. Coming out of it, it’s taught me how to relax a bit more and allowed me to realize that I need to take care of my needs.

Maybe instead of waking up so damn early, I can learn to put sleep first and organize everything around that. When I get shitty sleep, everything else suffers. Workouts, recovery, mood. Focus. Everything depends on my sleep and getting enough of it.

Sleep hacking has been also going very well for me. Recently I’ve been studying up on sleep hypnosis and playing it in the background when I sleep. Also allowing myself to use a REM cycle alarm has helped too. Tonight I will allow myself to use a humidifier/vaporizer to allow myself to have beautiful skin and feel refreshed.

While progress is important for my goal. another thing that is important is allowing myself to read and explore. Recently I think about areas in my life that are lacking. I’m not exploring as many fun things as before and going on “adventures”. When was the last time I went on a hike? Or to the beach? Or to a random museum just to learn how to take pictures?

I think that’s one of the things I really like about jiujitsu. It’s familiar but it is never the same going up someone. There is constantly a new stimulus. And when something gets “old” and “boring”, that’s when you’re not challenging yourself.

It’s a beautiful thing.

When I think about something I’m scared of as well, it’s Muay Thai and dating. Muay Thai I’m scared about the hard work and failing. But it’s something I need bad. Dating I’m also scared of not being my perfect self and being vulnerable.

Maybe apart of it is not having control for a bit. But I think back the weddings I’ve been to recently. And the loneliness I’ve felt. And how my mom looks at me and is like… I don’t want you to be like your uncle.

At the end of the day she wants to go out knowing that I’m well taken care of. That there is a woman in my life that will take care of me when I’m sick. Someone who will love me unconditionally as my mom does with me. Because lets face it.

She’s not going to be here forever.

I love my mom to death. But that reality knowing that she will leave the planet constantly haunts me. Knowing that I will be without a woman in my life scares the shit out of me and is only affirmation that I will be alone forever. And it’s not because I’m ugly, not motivated enough or not good enough. It’s going to be because of me.

I’m my worst enemy.

So this relationships class will be very interesting for me. I decided not to do leadership. I just don’t want to. I’m not sure if it’s the commitment or what it is I’m scared of. But honestly I think relationships class scares me 1000x more. Because in some way I have to face all my inner demons and all the things that have haunted me these last 29 years.

But I think at the end of the day, as much as I’m hard on myself, it’s important to give myself credit. I’ve grown more in these 6 months that I have during the last 6 years. Pretty impressive man. 

No lie. I haven’t been keeping up my morning pages. And I feel myself slipping.

For a second everything was going pretty well in my life… but as soon as I stop prioritizing my morning pages and lost focus, everything else in my life started slipping as well.

Honestly I’m excited for this week. Spending time at home outside the pharmacy grounds me. I want more from life so I can see my family and the people who care about me.

That leads me to think about my friends and family back in California. I definitely need to be more open about the problems I have and the anxiety I have. Sometimes I need support.

And also I need to give myself the tools to succeed. Things like going to the gym, meditation, yoga, and these morning pages are all things that I need.

I need to attend to my own personal needs for me to succeed in life as well. When my game is “on”, I make progress everyday. It’s actually the lack of progress which gives me the anxiety.

When I don’t update my IG. Refugee Hustle blog. Or product. Or write an email to my fan base. Sometimes I forget or neglect asking myself…

…why am I doing this?

Am I doing it just for the sake of doing it or am I doing it for fun or is it the fame?

What can I do to speed up the process of me leaving Ralphs Pharmacy? Pharmacy might be a great asset for me in the future. That guy I talked to at Jess’ birthday part inspired me to think bigger and better.

Why start up one pharmacy when I can create my own chain and get acquired? Focus on the basics. Dream big. I want to be able to just create money and focus on the things I love.

Affiliate marketing is just one of those things that really grounds me.

Another thing I’ve been thinking about is my posture. Every time I forget to keep my back straight is a sign that I don’t necessarily care about myself or lose focus. It helps improve lymph movement.

Another area of my life that I don’t necessarily have control over recently is Charles Ngo’s course. I’ve pretty much stopped. Same with my course. Same with my coaching service.

I think it’s okay to stop coaching for a bit. Do I really want to make it a priority? It was fun and it was good for me to be able to mentor others and put their lives in my hands for a bit.

But do I want to do this for money or do I want to do this just because I love it? I honestly love that connection.

Or is it that I’m scared to ask or as choice says… “enroll”?

Asking for the buy might be one of the hardest things. But I can already hear Calvin my coach say… it’s just an agreement. You aren’t forcing anything on anyone.

And as I get into state I tell myself that maybe that’s an area I need to shift and download those Tony Robbin videos on selling LOL.

Anyways need to GTFO and go back home. Later!

Have you guys ever missed your flight? I just missed mine. And you won’t believe what happened.

Kevin here.

Damn. No lie. Missing your flight sucks. So today I’m going to tell you how I avoided getting charged for missing my flight.

For those that have been close to missing a flight, who can relate to this?

  • 1.5 hours? Plenty of time and start thinking about the expensive ass airport food
  • You forget about the long weekend. You know what that means at LAX? Traffic.
  • 30 minutes goes by and you moved up 10 feet. Fuck. You’re losing hope.
  • You google “what to do if I miss my flight?”
  • You run out of your Uber and run toward the gate. Thank god for TSA pre-check.
  • 20 minutes before departure. OMG I MIGHT MAKE IT!
  • No one is at the gate. Your plane left early.


Maybe your planning to tell a sob story to beg them to let you on. Or maybe you’re kicking yourself in the ass because you shouldn’t of watched PornHub before leaving the house.


  1. Just take responsibility.…wait what? Yes. You heard me.

    How often in life do we blame other people or other factors that are outside of our control?

    When I got to the airport, it would have been easy to blame LA traffic or blame getting out of work late that day. But honestly that’s the wrong way to go about things.

    Because realistically we can make up all the excuses in the world, but we actually make the choice.

    Whether it’s to book that specific flight or not change the flight. We make the choice when to leave for the airport. And let’s be real… google maps or Waze can easily give you an estimated ETA or traffic warning these day.

    The real reason why it’s important to take responsibility is just so that you don’t feel helpless. Have you ever been in a situation told yourself when you had no control over something?

    Now compare that



  1. Don’t bullshit people

You are at the mercy of telephone, ticketing counter, gate or lounge agent. This is the agents discretion.

As someone who works in retail and deals with people all the time, I hate people who lie or blame other people.

3. Thank the person who helped you

Honestly shit happens

Don’t beat yourself up over it. Sometimes things just happen. But you need to take responsibility for the decisions and choices you make.

Well today I want to help you figure out what to do when you miss your flight.

CTA: Anyways if you like the mudda story time, make sure you subscribe. I want to go grow this channel to 10K



For anyone

The best fucking idea for me

…today I just don’t want to be here in the pharmacy.

I’m sitting here in the pharmacy… thinking about all my complaining ass patients. You know that’s the one thing I hate about the job. Whiney ass people who don’t take responsibility for themselves.

But I need to remember sometimes that these people are in my pharmacy for a specific reason. Because they CAN’T take care of themselves.

I need to remove my standards of perfection and remember that these people are me. I can’t expect people to plan ahead.

And apart of it is just letting go. I think the problem is that I care too fucking much. For example, I work hard as hell in the pharmacy. Why do I have to be the martyr every single fucking time?

Do I get compensated well? Do I have a vision for growth and advancement? No.

Just like Connor Mcgreggor in the Mayweather fight I need to learn to pace myself and save my energy for what really matters.

Is the company going to go down with not filling one or two scripts? Is it worth it to support a company who doesn’t see the value in what I do? Who keeps on asking for more without more reward?

Why the fuck am I making this choice?

And it reminds me of the shitty friendships and relationships I continue to have. Those that don’t support me with my goals and dreams. Those who look at me weird and are like “Kevin you’re crazy”.

Or those that just assume that I have bad intentions.

Hey listen fuck head. I have good intentions. I think most of the time I mean well. I’ve known myself for the last 29 years. But I’m not perfect. No one is.

So yeah I’ve been just stuck with so much. Kind of need to build that momentum again. With Yoga, jiujitsu, lifting, Refugee Hustle, and not letting myself regress. I feel like I’m drowning. I can’t wake up early enough anymore.

But when I do I’m on point. I’m a fucking beast. I can focus with less time. I need to read more too and maybe flow into a YouTube video. It’s amazing.

I think my coaching as well has gone down. It’s too much searching for new clients. It’s maybe not for me because I don’t want to rely on other people.

Maybe that’s the thing with online marketing that I like. I don’t need to associate a certain brand. I can just be myself and sell shit.

I also have to take responsibility for myself and not prioritizing my morning pages as well. Slipping in that.

And I notice myself not wanting to talk to people either. I wonder what exactly is going on. Perhaps I need to go on a “Artist’s date” and just be by myself for awhile. I’m so burnt out dealing with people’s emotions and handling my negative emotions at the pharmacy.

I get so annoyed every time someone is at my pharmacy. I don’t mean it that way, but it’s just happening.

Maybe because it’s been so busy that I feel like there’s so much shit on my plate and adding more exhausts the shit out of me. It’s like everyday is a breakdown day with no end in sight.

But in reality, this is my problem. The reason why I’m at the pharmacy is myself. How many campaigns have I launched? How much closer am I to creating my product? Am I being a true Refugee Hustler and working toward my goals?

The truth? I’m not working as hard as I think I am or as I know I can do.

I think this weekend after with my brother, dad, and mom I will take some time out for myself to isolate my week and plan everything I want to do within the next month. I need to learn how to isolate my time and mastermind.

What will some of my assets be?

Perhaps going on an Artist’s date. And using a timer. Being fucking focused and not lost. Maybe apart of it I can outsource and utilize that to make bigger impact on my blog and etc…

Maybe I should also reach out for support and have a group to support each other. Maybe it’s not necessarily a coaching session, but maybe a mastermindThat is more useful for me.

A group full of peers where we call each other every night for one month and check up on each other. See how we’re doing.

Dude this is a great fucking idea.