So recently I’ve been busy with my pursuit for happiness.  Before when shit went wrong, I would mope around and go on complaining how life sucks and how boring it is. 

Its crazy how much I feel like I’ve changed within these last 3 weeks.  I’ve been on top of everything and getting things done.  I’ve concentrated on grooming myself more and cleaning!  At the same time I’m enjoying and catching and meeting up with friends and I’m meeting quite a few too.  Yea I’ve neglected my xanga for a bit but life is good. 

I’ve probably gone clubbing and everything way too much but its okay because it kinda makes me feel happy seeing friends.   School is coming up and I’m going to make the most of it.  Not going to be a hermit anymore and like I’ve said before my summer reading on success has helped me strategize my academic year.  Life is truly about balance.  If you’re miserable in life, you lose motivation to do well in school and lose sight of your goals.   It’s important to maintain a healthy social life for school as well.  I’m going to focus more on dancing and martial arts once Kriss gets the studio. 

Not to say everything is perfect in my life.  Actually its pretty hectic sometimes.  I still think about her sometimes but I don’t try to linger on it.  What’s done is done and I tried.  After all she was right we weren’t meant to be so there’s no point in forcing it.  Life goes on.  I can’t say I dont miss her sometimes, but I can definitely say it’s much easier to go about my daily life.  She was right though…I didn’t listen to my own advice.  Advice isn’t any good without action so I did it and now I’m happy.

Without my friends, I swear I would be miserable.  I mean I always said I appretiated them, but it wasn’t until recently where I truly meant it.  Yeah they give me a lot of shit about my ex’s (assholes), but when I need them they’re down with me. 

I’ve always felt I had problems fitting in.  As a former nerd and when I started breaking out of that stage, I never thought I truly fit in anywhere.  I always tried to be nice and stuff but I guess its hard being accepted.  It’s okay though because now I don’t even care about that stuff.

I strive for simplicity and honestly it’s led me to happiness so far this second part of my summer.

BTW you guys should go to my BBQ to catch up on old times and make new ones.  It’s this SUNDAY starting at 5 PM.  Come if you can…it would really mean a lot to me.  Think about it as my belated bday present LOL