10 ways to increase my energy without supplements

  1. Meditate 20 mins twice per day
  2. Walk my brother’s dog
  3. Lift weights
  4. Jiujitsu
  5. Yoga routine
  6. Hypnotherapy session
  7. Stop what I’m doing and just breathe
  8. Install a P-hub blocker on my browser
  9. Continue to eat keto & avoid carbs
  10. Drink more water
  11. Sleep on time and get 8 hours of sleep
  12. Black out my room
  13. Just have more fun in general
  14. Blast some mumble rap
  15. Continue to quit coffee + sims
  16. Take a cold ass shower

10 things that are going really well in my life

  1. I have amazing friends who check up and care about me
  2. Despite everything that has been happen, I still have money in the bank
  3. My YouTube channel is growing and making more money
  4. My mom is still alive
  5. I have kickass fans, subscribers, viewers, and readers
  6. I have world class skilled friends in branding, marketing, and business who give their services for free to me… I’m freaking lucky!
  7. I’m in Boston – enjoying the break & slower paced life
  8. My mom cooks me warm hot meals while I’m at home
  9. I’m not letting the trolls and haters win by taking consistent action and pump out MORE content
  10. I have a kickass full stack marketer on my team and help provide for his family
  11. I’m taking Cantonese lessons
  12. I have friends who I can learn from and day trade with
  13. I’ve quit coffee for 2+ months now
  14. I’ve stayed keto for 2+ weeks now
  15. I’m staying consistent with these lists and my five minute journal
  16. I’m not letting my life situations get me down and I’m constantly looking to turn any adversity into an advantage.

10 things of how I can service my email list/audience

  1. Do ya free one on one with my email list
  2. Fund/offer 3 fans to beta test Kickass Investing 2.0
  3. Plan out more Q&A for my list
  4. Send out a “get to know you” survey
  5. Create an unsubscribe campaign for non active subs
  6. Document and shoot more IG stories of my life
  7. Find burning topics on YouTube and Reddit
  8. Create a top 10 post on my favorite books
  9. Create a top 10 post on my best purchases
  10. Send an AMA post to the email
  11. Connect with OG fans
  12. Do a book giveaway
  13. Live training videos
  14. Create some kickass checklists
  15. Speak at schools when COVID is over
  16. Broadcast my feedback form
  17. Create a kickass quiz
  18. Create infographics
  19. Write a book that actually helps people
  20. Improve navigation of my website

10 things I want to get better at

  1. Cantonese
  2. Daytrading
  3. Storytelling
  4. Skit comedy
  5. Sampling – hip hop production
  6. Kimura Trap (Jiujitsu)
  7. Yoga
  8. Writing kickass emails
  9. Cooking steak
  10. Sticking to the diet
  11. Sleeping on time
  12. Videography
  13. Influence and selling
  14. Delegating tasks that I’m weak at
  15. Autotune & R&B
  16. Negotiating
  17. Connecting my friends to kickass people and products
  18. Speed reading
  19. Content creation/curation
  20. Staying on top of hip hop trends

10 ways I can improve production quality of my YouTube channel

  1. Delegate MORE videos to my Kickass Editor
  2. Take a graphic design class
  3. Delegate/outsource someone to edit my thumbnails
  4. Spend a n hour per week researching the production of Top YouTubers
  5. Block out extra time to shoot content
  6. Focus more on quality vs quantity
  7. Invite more guests like Angela & Jenny
  8. Focus on serving my subscribers & viewers
  9. Take a photography skill class so I can take better thumbnails
  10. Seek out more affiliate and brand deals so I can pay my editor for more projects
  11. Shoot more “fun” content to prevent burnout
  12. Hire/train a YouTube SEO person to handle my tags
  13. Incorporate more b-roll clips in my clips
  14. Keep a folder of b-roll clips that I can reuse again
  15. Learn how to color grade & invest into a LUTs
  16. Review my audio settings
  17. Invest in post audio software
  18. Shoot more fucking videos lol
  19. Storyboard my ideas
  20. Learn more about storytelling

10 new products and services I could launch

  1. How to help pharmacists escape retail hell
  2. How to start a YouTube channel
  3. YouTube SEO Agency
  4. How to start a YouTube channel
  5. Content idea/YouTube competitor research service
  6. High touch “how to invest” services
  7. YouTube SEO services for jiujitsu channels
  8. High ticket sales program for millennials
  9. How to make friends + influence people
  10. Soft skills
  11. Book club/review service
  12. Side control attacks at defense for white belts
  13. Nootropic consulting
  14. Digital Marketing Consulting
  15. Funnel audiets
  16. Cuddle service LOL
  17. Sperm donation
  18. Pharmacy MTM services for independent pharmacies
  19. Social media marketing for pharmacies
  20. Strategic consulting for pharmacy
  21. Video editing services

10 things I can do to improve my financial situation and make more money

  1. Offer a launch special for Kickass Investing 2.0
  2. Shoot a high quality produced video with article + affiliate links and monetize with AdSense
  3. Double my fulfillment calls for high ticket sales
  4. Create a personal “spiff” for performance goals
  5. Start a Solo 401(k)
  6. Offer and sell a consulting offer on my email list
  7. Shoot 100 product review videos with affiliate links
  8. Reach out for Brand deals and model other YouTube channels & their brand deals
  9. Take on another high ticket client or contracting gig
  10. Day trade
  11. Rental arbitrage & corporate housing
  12. Digital marketing consulting

There’s no magic pill to your “rich life”

Just start creating – that’s what most entrepreneurs will tell you to do.

For the last 10 years since I have created content, I’ve done exactly that with little direction.

But that’s ok – everyone need to start that.

Sure – is it more “efficient” to have a lavish plan that’s perfectly calculated? Absolutely.

But what’s wrong with a well structured plan?

Analysis paralysis. You get stuck over analyzing. And most importantly as a new content creator you need reps.

Think about it like this. Have you ever ran into a perfectionist trying to work out?

They spend hours researching the “best” diet and workout – but end up doing nothing. What are they looking for? A magic pill – that doesn’t exist.

They don’t realize that that the real secret is the process of refinement and improving as you go.

It’s the process of taking something imperfect and continuously improving on it.

And that’s where I feel like my business life has taken me. I had no idea where I wanted to be.

Hell – I didn’t even WANT a business, but I wanted a “free” life.

It just so happens that I picked up skills along the way that eventually people needed – not only wanted.

And people were willing to pay for these skills.

So if you’re struggling to figure out the “best” business or want to create that YouTube channel, stop looking for that magic pill – it doesn’t exist.

Start creating. Pick up your phone. Put in your reps.

Your rich life isn’t build on a “magic pill”, but on the process and foundation of continuous improvement.