Day 2 morning pages

Just checking into today. Some of the things I’m looking forward to is doing something like yoga and getting back into the practice.

I successfully woke up at 4:15 AM, going to work out and go to jiujitsu, and working on creative things in the morning.

Last night’s calls didn’t go the smoothest – a part of me feels a bit fatigued and stressed from the day to day actions, but it should be better today.

Taking some time off was a great idea during the day and it seems like people really enjoy my posts on Instagram and social media posts.

I have to remember not to let myself get in the way of others and helping people feel connected. By putting my thoughts out there it helps everyone around me – not hurting myself.

It’s interesting – everytime I start to see success I see the self sabatoge come into my life and take over. It’s frustruating at times.

As far as today I’m also excited to be on my friend Eric Yang’s podcast. It’ll be nice to break the mold and go back into something like content creation.

As far as my YouTube channel is concerned, it looks like I have some work that needs to be done for Kickass Investing – which is getting TONS of traction and Refugee Hustle.

Some ideas for Kickass Investing might be credit cards, doubling down on the Roth IRA, doing a comparision of different Roth IRA account comparisons, and etc.

What I also need to do is type out my notes for my client. It’s pretty time consuming everyday – but it’s one of those things that “has to be done”. There’s gotta be a better way to do things.

I’m also pretty excited getting my treadmill – planning to do a lot more walking and reading at the same time especiakky in the AM.

One thing I have been doing too is cutting myself off from others. I just have a lot of work and don’t have a lot of time to just “smooze” or chill. I know relationships are imporant for me, but I gotta block out sometime for my friends and what not too.

As far as content this is what i want to focus on:
-IG content based off of something I read today
-YouTube engagement post
-Posting on Asian Hustle Network about balancing time with friends and family and prioritizing
-IG story
-YouTube video for my Winix video for tomorrow

Block out time to work and script out my day will be the biggest priority today. I will also create time to write down physically my goals and what I need to get done with the most important thing out of the way.

I also need to redo my Stripe account for Kickass Investing as well.

Here's what I wrote in 10 minutes

It’s been over a year since I’ve done something like writing pages in my life.

There’s a lot going on right now and I feel like I need more space in my life. Everything is on “autopilot” and I feel like I need more structure in my day.

Some of the things that I want to implement is
-Set creative time
-Write a book similar to 12 Rules to Life
-Finish up my investing academy and upload on to Kartra (with validating everything on Stripe again)
-Optimize my sales script
-Spend more time with friends and people
-Design an optimized plan for my YouTube channel and Refugee Hustle
-Spend more time doing mobility and all that for jiujitsu so I don’t get injured and go on my path to purple belt
-Finish ROI method from Scott Oldford
-Finish Rich + Niche course and marketing

The truth is I have all this potential that I’m NOT taking care of. I have the office space now and clarity in my life to make everything happen – what’s missing?

The discipline part in my life of sticking to these habits. I’ve done them before – but how do I get it to stick and stay conscious of my decisions?

It’s through one decision at a time. It might be through an Instagram post where I just decide to do something – rather than nothing.

I also need to realize you cannot “scale” by yourself, but I need to minimalize waste in my life as much as possible. That includes unneccsarry processes and overhead that I don’t truly need.

More is not always better. More means more headspace clutter. Often we should ask ourselves… why?

Why are we trying to make more money? What’s the purpose of “more subscribers”? Is this what matters?

It’s the wanting more that is the problem. It’s striving for more without clear direction of our purpose of what we’re striving for.

Some of the gaps in my life right now is that I don’t have enough “creative” time in my day. I stopped posting daily on YouTube – why?

Because of burnout – but I think that’s where my subconscious needs work. I haven’t been keeping up with my morning affirmations, habit checklist, looking at my “long term plans”. I’m constantly “breaking the routines”.

I think in terms of money where I would be estatic is at 15K/month – more would be cool though too.

One great exercise I completely forgot about was Dan Lok’s F U Money exercise when you reverse the life that you want. Instead of chasing the number, chase the lifestyle and end desitnation. Work backwards to make sure you’re not going off the path. Resistance is necessary.

8 things I'm taking extreme ownership on 1/18/19

This morning I’m on a treadmill and just did a set of deadlifts and military press. At the moment I’m listening to Jocko and started thinking…. man im slipping and not taking enough ownership in my life.

So in today’s post I thought I write down 10 things I’m taking extreme ownership with. Both the wins and losses.

  1. I’m taking extreme ownership with me slipped on my diet by eating fries and half of a poptart. This is pushing my goals to hit 185 lbs at 10% further back.
  2. I’m taking extreme ownership intentionally avoiding my QLA tasks. I felt tired and wasted time (5 hours) just dicking around instead of contacting my board and searching deals. This is setting back my vision of healthcare 3.0 back.
  3. I’m taking extreme ownership with optimizing my schedule for success with my high ticket sales client. Things have been slow but I successfully reached out for help to see the best times to optimize the schedule and for morale boost. I didn’t react. I made the moves to boost my financial future.
  4. I’m taking extreme ownership with my YouTube channel. Yesterday I missed an upload and failed to strategize my channel. By not uploading it is going to hold back my channel from hitting 100k this year.
  5. I’m taking extreme ownership today by changing my environment and setting up myself for success. I woke up early today, worked out, doing cardio, and about to hit a yoga session. I’m going have great sets today for my sales. Im also going to document coffee to contact my QLA board, type up my client notes, and setup my kartra account.
  6. I’m taking extreme ownership today for being a great friend for my friend Tom showing him my editing setup during my break. Doing these acts will help my growth for creating a great community around me.
  7. I’m taking extreme ownership by not updating my report to dan Pena Daily. Failing to do so prolongs the feedback loop and makes me less agile
  8. I’m taking extreme ownership with Kickass Investing by investing and building my Kartra account. By doing so I can better help my fan and customer base

What it's like spending time with people who are 10000x richer than you

Growing up I never had “rich” people in my life.

Much like Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad Poor Dad story, I never had a “rich dad” teach me about business.

My family was a middle class Asian family who literally had nothing coming to America and did their best to “level up” the next generation.

So it was always my goal to create generational wealth and take my family from middle class to stupid fucking rich.

It was during these last two years when I left my “stable” pharmacy job to generate generational wealth.

During this time I met a lot of interesting characters and immersing myself with people who are 10,000x wealthier and successful than me.

We’re talking about people who generate $100,000/month passively and who can light a million dollars in a trash can and it wouldn’t phase them.

Here’s THREE traits I’ve noticed in ALL of them.

They don’t let fear get in the way from doing things

I remember talking to Dan Pena about taking action even when you feel the fear.

It went through my head like… yeah yeah whatever. But when I started meeting CFO’s, CEO’s, and successful people in business – they all knew how to disconnect emotionally.

Not to say they were apathetic or emotionally retarded, but they all had this awareness that reacting emotionally never helps the situation.

At the end of the day whether you’re happy or sad, you still have a problem that needs to be fixed. Right?

They’re able to focus at the problem or task at hand and figure out a solution to everything. And even when they don’t know something, they take full accountability and responsibility.

Either they figure it out or find someone who can figure out their problem. But either way there’s this optimism that all of them have.

They are extremely generous through action

The people who have “made it” spend a lot of time helping their community and spheres of influence.

Rather than talking, they do it through action. For example:

  • Ray Kroc CEO of McDonald’s was a complete asshole most of the time, but donated a shit ton of money to back into the community.
  • Dan Pena can be an asshole, but he will always tell you the truth and be straight up with you.
  • A CFO/CEO I met, donates his time, takes people out to lunch/dinner, and genuinely cares about the success of people through brutal honesty.

These people aren’t nice when it comes to “lip service”, but they do it through action.

Giving someone like me the time of day is the most generous thing they can do because that’s the only asset they can’t get back.

They know EXACTLY what they’re good at and suck at

Every successful person I know is pretty quirky. They are weird, know they’re weird, unapologetic about their quirks, and don’t care what the fuck other people think about their quirks.

It’s just simply what they want.

Dan Pena talks about his “dream team”. When I talked to other multimillionaires, a lot of them talked about how they rarely go into business alone.

One of my CFO/CEO friend the other day at the bar was telling me…

I know how to do all the financials. What I suck at is operating the business and managing people. That’s why I find the RIGHT people.

When I think about doing Refugee Hustle and Kickass Investing, one of the reason why it was a slow process was because I was doing it by myself.

It’s easy to get STUCK because you’re just not good at something. When you have a team you can leverage each other’s strengths.

As Dan Pena says 60% of something is better than 100% of nothing.

Here are my thoughts as I’m meeting these people

After leaving the castle seminar and meeting C-Suite executives, I started noticing these things:

  • I get nervous around most of these people because I feel insignificant around these people
  • I feel like a complete dumbass because I can’t talk intelligently about business at their level
  • There’s a lot of growing I need to do

In some ways, it’s refreshing. It’s been so long since I’ve surrounded people 10000x more successful than me and at least I can model after them.

Anyways I’ll probably talk more about my thoughts but just wanted to jot some things down!

Act then think

Conventional wisdom is “you should think before you act”.

If there’s one thing I’m conscious about after Dan Pena’s Seminar is acting then thinking about it. He also tells you to throw out any conventional wisdom out the window.

One of the thing that I personally struggle with is pleasing others. No matter how many seminars I go to, I struggle with overcoming this habit and battling this state of inauthenticity.

In fact – people pleasing is manipulative and inauthentic as explained in the book – No More Mr. Nice Guy.

About two years ago, I made a drastic change in my life when I went from $150,000 to ZERO leaving the traditional world of pharmacy. ZERO.

These last two years have been rough on me constantly going through the emotional and financial ups and downs of starting and running a business with the goal in mind to create generational wealth.

I’ve sacrificed time with my friends and family, financial stability, and my ego and pride all for a bigger vision than my previous life.

I’m NOT looking for active support from others, but if you talk shit then fuck you. Anyone who doesn’t support me can have the door hit their ass on the way out.

The truth is this business requires so much of my emotional and mental state that I can’t afford to waste it on people who don’t support me – even if that means my family.

So yesterday at Christmas my mom took jabs at me about my financial state and lifestyle, I told her to go fuck herself and told her if she ever disrespects me again I will cut her out.

I broke the Asian conventional wisdom of respecting your elders, speaking out, and following the 9-5 and getting married.

Because here’s the truth – I come into 99% of conversations and human interactions with respect. I might not like someone, but I won’t shit on you.

And if you think that it’s acceptable to shit on my goals and vision, that’s when I have a problem. And that’s how I also know I’m growing.

Do I love my mom? Of course I do. But she has to know the severity of how hard and serious I take my goals and vision to the point where I’m willing to cut out my own blood family.

The truth is in most cases with life and business, you can always ask for forgiveness later or pivot to fix things.

You might be wrong at times, but there’s a good chance you’ll strike gold more than you strike out.

The role of luck in success

As I’m writing this, I’m actually in Scotland at the Moxy Hotel and headed to Dan Pena’s QLA Castle seminar in one day.

If you haven’t seen Dan Pena, people call him the 50 billion dollar man and is a master at mergers and acquisitions… aka business flipping.

His seminar at the time of this writing costs about 20K USD and holds it in Guthrie Castle in Scotland.

My Instagram post documenting me flying to the castle

The whole experience is taking me out of my element. For example, I’ve never:

  • Traveled to Europe before
  • Surrounded myself around so many people with sophisticated accents
  • Cried on a plane watching the new Lion King during the “remember who you are” scene

But in all seriousness – my friends, followers, and strangers are supporting with me messages! To be honest, I never knew that many people followed Dan Pena.

But there was one reply that stuck out.

The comment had good intent, but I wanted to dive into something today – luck.

In my opinion, luck would be me falling down a staircase and getting an invite to his castle… yeah most likely not going to happen.

Making this happen required me putting myself in a position with the ability to go to the castle – even before I knew about the castle.

You see me going to the castle now, but no one saw the five years when I didn’t go on vacation.

They didn’t see when I was rooming with five roommates and sleeping on the floor when I was making six figures to take that money and reinvest it. That’s what you don’t see.

It was even harder making the investment, knowing that I spent years building that wealth and that there is no guarantee. The only guarantee to get the return is within myself.

For a 6 months, I always talked about wanting to go to the castle and it wasn’t until talking to my friend Mia when she said something along the lines of… if you don’t do it now, then when are you going to do it?

She was right – the truth was never.

There’s a lot of wants, wishes, or dreams. I never forgot about my promises to my dad about hitting my first million, taking care of mom, and creating generational wealth.

But was I on that path? Did I have the right vehicle to head in that direction? Was I ever going to hit those goals?

So it was simple – I liquidated some of my hard earned investments to go to the castle… investments I’ve been holding for 10+ years.

My point is that I wasn’t lucky. I sacrificed to be here in Scotland at Dan Pena’s December 2019 QLA seminar.

It was the right time, person, and place in my life because I positioned myself that way. And when the opportunity presented itself I made a choice and pulled the trigger.

The truth is it’s easy to dream and want, but it’s harder to do. As much as we hate to admit, luck rarely plays a role in success.


Luck doesn’t hold us accountable.

You don't wake up with vision – it's built over time

In just two days, I’m headed over to Dan Pena’s famous QLA castle seminar. It’ll be the first time I’ll be:

  • Traveling within Europe
  • Meeting someone with 9 figures to their name
  • Surrounded by top performers

As the date gets closer, I’m thinking – what is my vision? What do I want? Why am I working so hard for?

Even though I have one on one time with Dan, how can he help me if I don’t know where I want to go?

If you’re curious about why I’m going to the castle, check out my YouTube video here:

This is the one thing I’ve always struggled with.

Apart of me feels like I was “told” what to do from growing up in an Asian community and expected of me. It wasn’t until recently when my dad passed when I realized – what do I want?

So I’ve searched for the answers. I’ve read books like Start with Why and taken tests like StrengthFinders 2.0 and an ikigai finder. But no matter what I do, nothing clicks.

It’s frustrating, knowing that deep down inside I hold the answer, but somehow I can’t “wake up” and I feel like I’m running in circles.

But it wasn’t until I was doing Dan Pena’s Vision and Goals exercise when I realized, you don’t wake up to vision; you must build it like any other habit or skill.

That was the reason why I didn’t have a clear vision or direction was because I didn’t have a key system or plan. It’s kind of like “expecting” to wake up a millionaire one day. It just doesn’t happen like that.

So everyday this week – I’ve been handwriting my vision. It’s not perfect yet, but at least it’s a start. It starts with laying one brick at a time.